Offers & Discounts

Offers apply from 1 October 2015

Introductory Special Offer
4 Hours £60.00

Driving Lessons from £15.00 per hour.......

Book your driving lessons in York with us now and you can take 4 hours from £15 per hour saving £12 per hour on the normal hourly rate.
Thats an amazing saving of £48.00.

First Hour FREE
Save £27 when you book the first hour of a two hour lesson free.

Discounted Lesson Prices From £24 per hour
The longer the lesson duration the more you can save! Save £4 on the normal hourly rate when you take a two hour lesson.

1 Hour Lesson     £27.00
1.5 Hour Lesson  £39.00

Saving £1.50 on the normal hourly rate

2 hour Lesson      £50.00
Saving £4.00 on the normal hourly rate

Block Booking Discounts
From £24 per hour
Block book and pay for five two hour lessons for just £240, thats 10 hours for only £24.00 per hour.

37 Alder Way, New Earswick, York, YO32 4TH, United Kingdom
07917 880 185
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